Lifelong Learning at Wofford College

We invite you to join the Lifelong Learning Program at Wofford College to take interactive classes and register for Lifelong Learning presentations, events, and field trips throughout the year. Courses are taught by local experts in the Upstate community and Wofford faculty, and include a wide range of topics including history, religion, science, cooking, writing, pop culture, physical fitness and current events.
Becoming a member of Lifelong Learning at Wofford allows you to register for classes, receive newsletters and mailings from the program, and register for a number of one-time presentations, workshops, seminars and field trips available exclusively to Lifelong Learning members.
If you would like to take courses or register for events in Lifelong Learning at Wofford, you will need to be a member, which requires a yearly membership fee of $50. The membership year runs from August 1 until July 31 of the following year.
Once you become a member, you may then select the course or courses you would like to take at $40 per course. Various special events, workshops, and trips may be free of charge to members or available at a reasonable price depending on the materials needed for the workshop.
Full credit will be returned if the instructor is unable to teach, the class is cancelled by the college, or the class is cancelled due to low participant enrollment.
The 2020 Spring Semester Begins the Week of March 9th and will end May 1th.

Lifelong Learning Semester Canceled

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Wofford campus is currently closed, which has caused the Lifelong Learning program to close for the semester.